Beijing Cyber Security Conference, a Beijing-based high-profile cybersecurity gathering with global reach, is co-organized by the Internet Society of China, Cybersecurity of China, China Institute of Communications, China Association for Friendship and Qi-Anxin and guided by China Electronics Corporation. With full access to Beijing’s strength in terms of resources and policy support, reflected by the city’s reputation as a capital of science, technology and innovation, and its focus on developing the cybersecurity industrial cluster, the BCS conference is aimed at building a platform for exchange and cooperation with broad participation from government, the industry, academia and from communities of users, investors and intellectuals.

Based on theme “Endogenous safety starts with a safety framework”, the 2020 Beijing Cyber Security Conference was held, with an online kickoff, from August 7 to 16, to be joined by prominent government figures, industry leaders, scholars and experts from 11 countries and international organizations. Looking into three dimensions namely strategy, industry and technology, the conference was held both online and on sites in several cities of different countries to present 10 international summits, more than 50 forums, 16 featured programs and diverse activities, discussing emerging strategic trends, new industrial opportunities and cutting-edge technologies concerning the development of cybersecurity.




  • 2020 08 10

    Strategic Summit

    • 09:05-09:40

      Liu Liehong Undersecretary of Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of PRC

      Rui Xiaowu Chairman of China Electronics Corporation

      Hu Xiao Deputy Director of the Cyber Security Coordination Bureau of Office of the Central Cyberspace Affairs Commission

      Guo Qiquan Deputy Director & Chief Engineer of Cyber Security Bureau of The Ministry of Public Security of The PRC, Bureau-Rank Inspector

      Chen Zhimin Chairman of CHINA ASSOCIATION FOR FRIENDSHIP, Former Deputy Minister of Public Security of The PRC, Former Deputy Director of Office of the Central Cyberspace Affairs Commission

      Shang Bing Chairman of Internet Society of China

      Wang Xiujun Chairman of Cyber Security Association of China

    • 09:40-09:45
      Opening Ceremony

      Liu Liehong Undersecretary of Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of PRC

    • 09:45-10:15

      Qi Xiangdong Chairman of QI-ANXIN Group & Beijing Cyber Security Conference

    • 10:15-10:30
      Scientifically Coordinate the Supply Chain

      Ni Guangnan Academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering

    • 10:30-10:45

      Chen Zhimin Member of the 13th CPPCC National Committee, Deputy Director of Social and Legal Affairs Committee, Chairman of CHINA ASSOCIATION FOR FRIENDSHIP

    • 10:45-11:00
      Endogenous Security Common Problems in Cyberspace and Mimic Defense

      Wu Jiangxing Academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering

    • 11:00-11:15
      Build a Trusted Cloud Computing Environment

      Wang Huaiminacademician of Chinese Academy of Sciences, Professor at National University of Defense Technology

    • 11:15-11:30
      The Era of Digital Economy Calls for A New Structure of Economic Globalization

      Yukio Hatoyama 93rd Prime Minister of Japan, Honorary President of Japan-China Belt and Road Promotion Association

    • 11:30-11:45
      The Current Path and Significance of Sino-US Cooperation

      Stephen OrlinsChairman of the National Committee on U.S.-China Relations

    • 11:45-12:00
      Inclusion and Progress in Digital World Cooperation

      Liu Zhenmin UN Under-Secretary-General for Economic and Social Affairs

    14:00-17:05The Rule of Law of China Network and Data Security 50 People Forum

    14:00-16:25Digital City Security Forum

    13:30-17:00The 5th Cyber Security Industry Responsibility and Development Summit Forum

    14:00-17:00The 6th GUANCHAO Cyber Forum

    14:00-16:00BCS Talk

    19:00-20:00 Celebrity and Magnum Opus

    14:00-18:00 2021 BCS Launching Activities

  • 2020 08 11

    Industry Summit

    • 09:00-09:25
      Global Cybersecurity Trends and Opportunities

      Nat Smith Research Director, Gartner

    • 09:25-09:50
      Collaborate to Share Cybersecurity Dividends

      Michael Daniel CEO, Cyber Threat Alliance

    • 09:50-10:15
      Cybersecurity Industry Opportunities in the 5G Era

      Tian Suning Founder of AsiaInfo, Chairman of China Broadband Capital

    • 10:15-10:40
      The Relationship between Time and Risk in Cybersecurity

      Wendy Nather Vice President of Cisco Security

    • 10:40-11:05
      Meet the new challenges of the intelligent era and build a new line of defense for AI security

      Ma Jie Vice President of Baidu

    • 11:05-11:30
      Data Governance in Digital Transformation

      David Samuelson CEO, ISACA

    • 11:30-11:55
      Industry Transformation of New-Generation Cybersecurity Framework

      Wu Yunkun CEO of BCS Conference, President of Qi-Anxin Group

    13:30-18:15The 6th Innovation Sandbox

    13:30-18:00 InForSec Sharing Session of International Academic Achievements in Cyberspace Security

    13:30-16:50 The 3rd Industrial Internet Security Forum

    13:30-17:00 Communication Industry Cyber Security Forum

    14:00-16:35 Financial Cyber Security Forum

    14:00-16:00 Privacy Computing Technology and Application Development Summit Forum

    14:00-18:00 2021 BCS Launching Activities

    14:30-18:00Electronic Data Judicial Authentication Innovation Seminar

    19:30-20:30 Celebrity and Magnum Opus

  • 2020 08 12

    Technology Summit

    • 09:00-09:20
      Cybersecurity in the Era of Pandemic

      Keren Elazari Senior Researcher in Network Research Center of Tel Aviv University

    • 09:20-09:40
      Zero Trust—-Strategic Approach to Preventing Data Leakage

      John Kindervag Palo Alto Networks Field CTO

    • 09:40-10:00
      Be Wary of Covid-19 Events in A Digital World

      Wang Bingfeng General Manager of VMware China

    • 10:00-10:20
      DNS Ecosystem Security

      David Conrad CTO of ICANN

    • 10:20-10:40
      Challenges and Status Quo of Anti-Money Laundering Brought by Blockchain

      Jiang Xuxian Founder of PeckShield

    • 10:40-11:00
      Security Aspect Defense System

      Wei Tao Vice President of ANT Group

    • 11:00-11:20
      Are you ready for the new network security infrastructure?—2020 China Internet Infrastructure Measurement Report

      Duan Haixin Director of the Tsinghua University-Qi-Anxin Group Joint Research Center

    • 11:20-11:30
      Release Ceremony of "China Security Operation Center Research and Analysis Report"

      Gao Dan General Manager of CCIDnet Software and Information Service Industry Research Center

      Liu Juan Senior Analyst, CCIDnet Software and Information Service Industry Research Center

      Ma Jiangbo Partner of Qi-Anxin Group, General Manager of Big Data and Security Operation Subsidiary

      Wan Jingping Senior Director of Qi-Anxin Group Security Service Subsidiary

    13:00-17:00 BCS Launching

    13:30-17:15 Cryptography Applications and Practices Form

    13:30-17:30 Discussion on the Security Risks and Countermeasures of Domain Name and Routing

    13:30-16:25 BCS Talk

    14:00-17:25 Internet of Vehicles Security Forum

    14:00-16:00 Police Anti-Fraud Class

    14:00-17:00 TSD Talk

    19:00-20:00 Celebrity and Magnum Opus


01 GUANCHAO Cyber Forum

On August 16, 2020, the 5th Guanchao Cyber Forum was held in the form of a closed-door meeting. This year, Guanchao pragmatically played the role of a communication platform focusing on the topic of globalization under the impact of the epidemic and the co-governance of the digital world. Also, it brought together the basic consensus of Chinese and American academia, think tanks, industries, and enterprises on cybersecurity and other related major issues and continued to explore and build stable ballast under the precarious world situation. ...

02 Innovation Sandbox

Innovation Sandbox hosted by QI-ANXIN is a professional venture capital competition focusing on the field of China's cyber security. It has built an innovative ecological platform for governments, large enterprises etc. through a series of theme activities such as maker salons, etc.. This platform can help start-ups obtain high-value information and effective cooperation opportunities, realize comprehensive resource docking, high-level aggregation of knowledge, and high mutual trust in business, and accelerate the empowerment of entrepreneurial innovators in the field of cybersecurity. ...

03 DataCon Security Analysis Contest

The contest, in the form of attack and defence exercise, aims to test the competitor‘s ability to tackle the security issues using big data-based methods. The 2020 DataCon Security Analysis Contest was hosted by QI-ANXIN, Tsinghua University and Ant Group. From August 1st to August 25th, this contest has attracted 259 teams and has offered 400,000 yuan bonus. ...

04 HUFU Cyber Security University

HUFU Cyber Security University aims to provide a platform for communication between Chinese network security industry practitioners and Chinese top information security experts. For different audiences, adopt the interpretation of policies and regulations, industry trend analysis, technical decryption, case sharing, practical operation and other forms of closed training to cultivate students. Taking macro angle as the breakthrough point, provide relevant courses closely integrated with actual combat and effectively improve the students' actual cyber combat attack and defense level. ...

05 Dialogue on Network Security Between Cyber Giants

In advance of the 2020 Beijing Cyber Security Conference,BCS launched a series of events called "Dialogue on Network Security Between Cyber Giants ". The pandemic is affecting the global landscape, and the cyber space is also affected. While digital technology shows its power, it also exposes the deficiency of information construction. What impact and changes will new infrastructure bring in the wave of digitalization? How can network security innovate and adapt to new challenges? We invite industry experts to deeply explain the way forward so as to cause the industry magnetic collision and confrontation. ...


GUANCHAO Cyber Forum


Innovation Sandbox


DataCon Security Analysis Contest


HUFU Cyber Security University


Dialogue on Network Security Between Cyber Giants