2019 Beijing Cybersecurity Conference takes place on August 21-23 at the National Conference Center in Beijing, China. This conference is jointly sponsored by the following organizations: Internet Society of China, Cyber Security Association of China, China Association for Friendship and Qi An Xin Group, with support from the Office of Central Cyberspace Affairs Commission, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, the Ministry of Public Security, and Beijing Municipal Bureau of Economy and Information Technology, and guidance from China Electronics Corporation.

The conference is divided into the following three days: Industry Strategy Day, Industry Day and Technology Day. The summits and forums containing 500 presentation topics allow attendees to exchange ideas on a wide range of industry topics such as strategic policy, industry development, technological innovation, capital investment and personnel training. lavio Aggio, etc.

At this conference many branded cybersecurity forums and contests take place concurrently, including the CSA Summit, InForSec, Guanchao Cyber Forum, Forum on Trusted Technology Innovation in Cybersecurity, Forum on Cybersecurity Innovation and Development, and Blue Hat Cup Finals. 400 speakers from about 30 countries are invited to join government and business representatives as well as information technology and cybersecurity professionals eager to share their insights and expertise.




  • 2019 08 21

    Opening Ceremony & Strategic Summit

    • 08:30-08:55
      Leaders’ Greeting Remark
    • 08:55-09:05
      Openning Remark

      Rui Xiaowu Honorary Chairman of Beijing Cybersecurity Conference, Chairman of CEC

    • 09:05-09:30
      Openning Ceremony & Video
    • 09:30-10:00

      Qi Xiangdong Chairman of Qi An Xin Group

    • 10:00-10:15
      Cyberspace Transformation: Opportunities and Challenges

      Ehud Barak Former Israeli Prime Minister

    • 10:15-10:30

      Ehud Barak Former Israeli Prime Minister

      Ye Hailin Associate Dean of the National Institute of International Strategy of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences (NIIS CASS), CCTV Special Commentator

    • 10:30-10:45

      Cheng Xiaogong Former Politician

    • 10:45-11:15
      Cyber Security and Global Sustainable Development

      Zhu Juwang Director of Division for Public Institutions and Digital Government of ECOSOC

    • 11:15-11:40
      Evolution of National Cyber Strategies and Governance

      Virginia Greiman Director, Center for Cyberspace and International Strategic Studies, US

    • 11:40-12:05

      Vladimir Elias Director, Research Center of Academy for General Staff of Russia Federation

    14:00-17:05The Rule of Law of China Network and Data Security 50 People Forum

    14:00-16:25Digital City Security Forum

    13:30-17:00The 5th Cyber Security Industry Responsibility and Development Summit Forum

    14:00-17:00The 6th GUANCHAO Cyber Forum

    14:00-16:00BCS Talk

    19:00-20:00 Celebrity and Magnum Opus

    14:00-18:00 2021 BCS Launching Activities

  • 2019 08 22

    Industry Summit

    • 09:00-09:10
      Greeting Remark

      Leaders of Beijing Municipal Bureau of Economic and Information Technology Commission

    • 09:10-09:40
      New Technology & Security

      Fang Binxing CAE Academician, Chief Scientist of China Electronics Corporation

    • 09:40-10:10
      Securing a World of Physically Capable Computers

      Bruce Schneier Renowned Security Technologist, Fellow at Harvard Kennedy School

    • 10:10-10:40
      The Israeli Promise for Cybersecurity

      Nir Falevich Cybersecurity Lead, at Startup Nation Central

    • 10:40-11:10
      Data Protection for Public Service Industry in the Era of Big Data

      Clas Neumann Global Senior Vice President, SAP

    • 11:10-11:40
      Fusion: Security Industry TransFormation in the Digital Age

      Wu Yunkun President, Qi An Xin Group

    • 11:40-12:10
      Top Security and Risk Management Trends for 2019 and Beyond

      Steve Riley Sr. Director Analyst, Gartner

    13:30-18:15The 6th Innovation Sandbox

    13:30-18:00 InForSec Sharing Session of International Academic Achievements in Cyberspace Security

    13:30-16:50 The 3rd Industrial Internet Security Forum

    13:30-17:00 Communication Industry Cyber Security Forum

    14:00-16:35 Financial Cyber Security Forum

    14:00-16:00 Privacy Computing Technology and Application Development Summit Forum

    14:00-18:00 2021 BCS Launching Activities

    14:30-18:00Electronic Data Judicial Authentication Innovation Seminar

    19:30-20:30 Celebrity and Magnum Opus

  • 2019 08 23

    Technology Summit

    • 09:00-09:30
      Protection for Critical Information Infrastructure Under the New Situation

      Yun Xiaochun Vice Director and Chief Engineer, National Computer Network Emergency Response Technical Team / Coordination Center of China

    • 09:30-10:00
      Failing to Prepare is Preparation to Fail

      Chris Gibson Executive Director, Forum of Incident Response and Security Teams (FIRST)

    • 10:00-10:30
      Security Is A Journey, Not A Destination

      Bret Hartman CTO, at Cisco Security

    • 10:30-11:00
      A Brief History of Network Protocol Side Channel Vulnerability

      Qian Zhiyun Associate Professor, University of California, Riverside

    • 11:00-11:30
      MITRE ATT & CK Framework and Attack

      Omri Segev Moyal Founder of Minerva Lab, and Independent Researcher

    • 11:30-12:00
      Evolution of Domain Name Space Governance and Domain Name Protocol Security

      Duan Haixin Director of Research Center of Qi An Xin Group-Tsinghua University

    13:00-17:00 BCS Launching

    13:30-17:15 Cryptography Applications and Practices Form

    13:30-17:30 Discussion on the Security Risks and Countermeasures of Domain Name and Routing

    13:30-16:25 BCS Talk

    14:00-17:25 Internet of Vehicles Security Forum

    14:00-16:00 Police Anti-Fraud Class

    14:00-17:00 TSD Talk

    19:00-20:00 Celebrity and Magnum Opus


01 Guanchao Cyber Forum

The Guanchao Cyber Forum plays roles of both think-tank and forum, aiming to build a cross-field, cross-cultural, cross-system and diversified communication platform in cyber domain to support a more flexible and efficient multi-level dialogue mechanism. Guanchao Forum has been held for three years and focuses on cutting-edge cyber issues and challenges in this globalized and digitized era, including global governance of cyber space, regulation making for cyber space, cyber security, governance of cyber crimes, trans-border data flow, privacy protection, digital economy, artificial intelligence, etc... ...

02 BCS Camp

The BCS Camp provides a platform for Chinese cybersecurity practitioners to exchange ideas with top cybersecurity experts. The camp conducts closed door training sessions in line with conditions from different visitor groups by interpreting policies and regulations, analysing industry trends, technical issues, and sharing case studies practices. ...


The "Blue Hat Cup" National College Students' Cyber Security Skills Competition is a high-standard and influential practical skills competition for police academies across the country, and is known as the "Olympics" of future cyber police. The 3rd "Blue Hat Cup" National College Student Network Security Competition selects outstanding network security elites in the public security system to provide the country with practical talents and to further promote the integration of schools and enterprises. ...

04 Innovation Sandbox

Innovation Sandbox hosted by QI AN XIN Group is a professional venture capital competition focusing on the field of China's cyber security. Innovation Sandbox has been successfully held for three sessions, excavating and fostering a number of outstanding start-ups, such as ClearClouds and HoloNet which are highly recognized by the capital market. In the past three years, 23 of the 30 companies in the Top 10 have received financing, with a total financing of more than 1 billion yuan.


Guanchao Cyber Forum


BCS Camp




Innovation Sandbox