BCS2020 Kicks Off with a Global Solicitation of Speech Topics

The BCS, known as “Davos of the cybersecurity industry”, is a top-level global cybersecurity event held in the Eastern Hemisphere, hosted by Qi An Xin, the largest cybersecurity company in China, together with China Electronics Corporation, the Internet Society of China, the Cybersecurity Association of China, China Institute of Communications, and China Association for Friendship. It aims at building a world-class platform for exchanges within the cybersecurity industry; promoting communication and cooperation between relevant government entities, enterprises, education institutions, research institutes, and users; and contributing to the further, high-quality, and long-term development of the industry. The main forum of BSC2020 will be held during August 25–27 in Beijing.

Last year, BCS2019 gathered an audience of over 400 under the theme of “Security: Built-in DNA”, including nearly 20 members of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and the Chinese Academy of Engineering, and leading figures in the industry from over 70 renowned universities, institutes, and enterprises of more than 30 countries. BCS2019 featured three global summits, 40 forums within the cybersecurity industry, more than 500 keynote speeches, and various activities under nine different cybersecurity brands, as well as technological demonstrations in a 6,000m2 exhibition area for professionals. With a focus on responses to global cyber risks, participants shared insights on forward-looking cybersecurity technologies and development trends in the industry, doing its their bit for the communication and cooperation between peers in the cybersecurity industry worldwide.

The BCS represents what Beijing has to say about global cybersecurity. So, what will be the theme that gathers heavyweights in the industry this year? What wisdom will they share and what proposals will they present for the development of the cybersecurity industry? What opportunities and challenges will the industry encounter as the situation evolves this year? And what can we do to promote cooperation and mutual benefits for the industry worldwide?

New technologies, applications, and programs; new trends in venture capital investment, new models for cyberspace governance, and new paths towards international cooperation are all topics of common concern that we can discuss at BCS2020. On this top-level platform for cybersecurity-related exchanges, all insights shared will be part of a strong voice that will spread throughout the industry.

Here, we would like to ask for your kind contribution as for what topics we are to discuss at BCS2020. This is a global solicitation and all are welcomed to participate. The topics may center on relevant strategies and policies, development of the industry, technological innovations, talent training, and other aspects that will attract wide participation and inspire new technologies, creative ideas and profound insights.

Instructions for submission

1. Topics can be in the following aspects or beyond:

Development of the industry, key infrastructure security, digitalization, 5G security, cloud security, security awareness raising, talent training, security of the Internet of Things, cryptography, ID security, artificial intelligence, security of industrial Internet, code security, threat intelligence, security planning and development, international cooperation, civilian-military integration, cybersecurity legislation, fight against cybercrimes, smart energy, smart city, vulnerabilities, application encryption, attack and defense, compliance (classified protection 2.0), blockchain, automation, UEBA, SD-WAN, situation awareness, internal threat, the human factor, zero trust, mobile security, SOAR, supply chain security, DevSecOps, fintech, and other cutting-edge technologies and research work.

Selection Criteria

The duration of speech on each topic is 30 minutes.

Please submit your proposed topic with a brief description, a bio of yourself, and your contact information. (Click or scan QR code to download submission template).

Your submission must not have been published or delivered on any other occasion.

Please submit to bcs-topics@qianxin.com.


Please download and submit standard documents Click to download | Speaker Registration Form

All submissions must be in English and in PDF format only via bcs-topics@qianxin.com 提交。

The following information must be included.

Section A - Personal Data:

1. Name

2. Handler/Alias

3. Email Address

4. Belonging institution

5. Brief introduction (name, birthdate, belonging institution, unofficial title, expertise, academic achievement, patents)

6. Photo

Section B - Presentation Data:

1. Title of presentation:

2. Category of Presentation

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4. Newness of Material

5. Availability of Demo

6. Summary of Presentation


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